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The Canadian Forces Aerospace Warfare Centre (CFAWC) will be the engine of Air Force transformation. CFAWC will become the centre of excellence for air power development, including Concept Development and Experimentation (CD&E) and lessons learned. In addition, CFAWC will develop and maintain the Air Force air power knowledge repository and coordinate efforts to provide advanced synthetic environment and modelling and simulation services to assist CD&E, requirements definition, operational test and evaluation (OT&E) and mission rehearsal.



To be the engine of transformation that drives the RCAF from the Air Force of today to the Air Force of tomorrow.



RAWC is to ensure the evolution of Canadian air and space power.


RAWC will:

  1. provide air and space power advice and education;
  2. provide a relevant and responsive doctrine-development capability;
  3. be the RCAF focal point for concept development and experimentation as well as for the exploitation of the synthetic environment;
  4. be a capability enabler in support of operations; and
  5. be the steward of the RCAF History and Heritage Programme.


The Canadian Forces Aerospace Warfare Centre (CFAWC) was stood up in October 2005 to become the engine of change for Air Force transformation, by acting as a catalyst for air-power development and as a steward for air-power knowledge. It was intended that CFAWC would provide the Royal Canadian Air Force with the knowledge to acquire the right capabilities and develop the appropriate doctrine to ensure an agile and integrated Air Force well into the future.

CFAWC was established in two locations. The Trenton location, a lodger unit of 8 Wing, was established with the command portion of the unit as well as the Doctrine Development, Concept Development & Experimentation, Analysis & Lessons Learned, Research / Electronic Warfare and the Education & Specialized Training branches. The Electronic Warfare Operational Support Branch, Air Synthetic Environment Coordination Office and the Operational Research Branch were located at Shirley’s Bay in Ottawa. In 2013, as a result of infrastructure downsizing at Shirley’s Bay and the desire to consolidate CFAWC operations, the Synthetic Environment Coordination Office and Operational Research Branch began plans for relocation to Trenton.

CFAWC’s current branch structure consists of Analysis & Lessons Learned, Doctrine Development, Air Power Knowledge Development, Concept Development and Experimentation and Operational Research at the Trenton location and Air Synthetic Environment Centre and Air Electronic Warfare Support Centre at Shirley’s Bay.

Commanding Officers

Commanding Officers

Col J. E. Cottingham  (2005–2008)

Col M. R. Dabros  (2008–2009)

LCol J. W. MacAleese  (2009–2010)

Col D. W. Joyce  (2010–2012)

Col J. J. A. M Cournoyer  (2012–2014)

Col K. P. Truss  (2014–2017)

Col S. Elder (2017–2020) 

Col M. Ward (2020– )


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Contact Us

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CFAWC Heraldic crest

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